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7 Lucrative Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto in 2021

by Olufisayo
Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the rave of the moment. Over the last few years, digital currencies have grown exponentially due to their attraction as an alternative to fiat currency. Aside from being used as a means of facilitating fast and secure transactions worldwide, people also invest and trade in cryptocurrency for profits.

Many buy bitcoin and altcoins hoping to make money off their inherent speculative nature. While trading has proven to be a good way of making money in crypto, however, they typically require detailed research and a substantial investment of time. Also, the speculative nature of crypto does not guarantee a reliable source of income with the approach. Even the best traders and investors experience prolonged periods of loss, and one of the ways to survive them is to have alternative sources of income during such periods.

Trading is not the only means to make money with cryptocurrency. There are many other ways to earn free bitcoin and altcoins and make passive income with cryptocurrency. Most of these methods require little to no effort to set up and pay ongoing income similar to earning interest. They also diversify your income stream and when add up will guarantee an increase to your crypto holding.

Remitano, a leading global P2P and exchange platform provide opportunities for users to make money with cryptocurrency. Aside from serving as a platform to buy bitcoin in India, Remitano offers numerous ways for users to earn passive income with crypto.

Users can earn free bitcoin and cash out bitcoin to INR with little to no effort to set up and maintain. Getting free Bitcoin is an advantage no one should not miss out on. Below are some of the ways you can earn free bitcoin and make passive income with Remitano

Remitano Ambassador Program

Remitano Ambassador Program

Remitano Ambassador program provides a unique opportunity for participants to earn free USDT and makeup to $2000 per month. The program was specifically created to further show Remitano’s commitment to achieving her mission to deliver cryptocurrency into the lives of millions of people worldwide. The Ambassadorship is targeted at individuals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and are committed to developing their local community.

The selected applicant will be required to create at least 2 quality cryptocurrency content per month on popular social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok).

They are also required to attend capacity-building programs dedicated to people looking to get into cryptocurrency and invite people to the Remitano trading platform. In exchange for the above, Remitano Ambassadors will receive among other benefits:

  • Free USDT monthly for quality content created
  • 40% commission for inviting people to use the Remitano trading platform
  • A chance to join and partner with Remitano in the long term.
  • Visit Remitano to register and earn passive income today!

Remitano Meme Competition

The Remitano crypto meme competition tagged “So simple, so fun, so deep” is a competition dedicated to traders who have a sense of humor and unique meme ideas. The competition allows users to earn free bitcoin by simply expressing their experience and knowledge about cryptocurrency through memes. Participants have the opportunity to earn free bitcoin and altcoin worth $150 and other amazing gifts and cash prizes.

To enter the competition, users will have to create unique memes related to the theme of the competition. You will then share the meme on your favorite social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag provided.

Prizes will be given out to the most creative and interesting content, memes with the best graphics, memes with the most likes and reactions on each social media platform, and many more. Worried that you might not be able to participate due to limited graphics designing skills, Remitano has provided tons of graphical templates for users to work with when designing their memes.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Remitano games to get detailed information about the Meme competition.

Remitano Affiliate program

You can earn free bitcoin on Remitano via the Remitano Affiliate program. The Remitano Affiliate program is one of the most lucrative ways to earn passive income available. This mouthwatering offer is available to all registered users on the Remitano platform. Users can earn lifetime rewards by referring friends to trade on the Remitano platform.

For every unique referral, you introduce to Remitano, you will receive a 40% commission of their trade fees every time they buy bitcoin. You also stand to earn a further 10% commission when your referral introduces other people to sign up and trade on the platform. With the Affiliate program, you will continue to earn free bitcoin forever as long as your referrals keep trading bitcoin on Remitano. Register on Remitano today to generate your referral link and start earning free bitcoin.

Simple Answers Competition

This is a competition that rewards users for providing answers to simple crypto-related questions weekly. The weekly quizzes are another way to test your crypto knowledge and earn passive income. Users are rewarded for every correct answer provided to the listed questions on Remitano’s website.

Don’t miss out on any of the mouthwatering offers listed above, visit www.remitano.com to start earning passive income today.

Top Fan Bonus

This program is simply used by Remitano to reward its users who actively contribute to its Remitano Facebook fan page and Facebook group. Remitano will reward the top 10 fans on its fan page, the top 3 users with the highest number of posts, and the top 3 users with the highest number of engagement on their posts. Find more information about how to participate in the ‘top fan bonus’ program.

Other ways to earn free bitcoins and make passive income includes:

BTC Faucets

This method presents a means to earn free bitcoin by completing easy tasks such as puzzles, surveys, captchas, and more. To get started, register with BTC faucets hosting websites such as Contiply and FreeBitcoin and start solving the task assigned.

Typically, users are paid from the revenue gotten from Ads posted on these platforms. You earn free bitcoin for every completed task up to a specified amount daily. You can then convert your accumulated BTC to INR by sending it to your Remitano wallet.

BTC Games

One of the most exciting ways to earn free bitcoin and make passive income is through BTC games. You earn free bitcoin by completing several levels or finishing the whole game. While the reward is quite small compared to those offered by Remitano, this method is still a fun way to earn free BTC, especially for game lovers.

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