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What’s Ecommerce?

by Olufisayo

11th of August in 1994 was a typical summer day, but it changed the whole world. Technically, nothing really special has happened, Phil Brandenberger who lived in Philadelphia just decided to buy a fairy-tale book for his child. He used his card to pay for the publication, the sum was $12.48 including delivery. There was no thunder or lightning after his doing so, but it was the day when the payment was made in ecommerce. Before we will get into the subject, it seems to be better to clarify what it is about.


Ecommerce deals with commercial transactions that are performed in online ecosystem. It means that every time you order something from the Internet, you participate in ecommerce business.


What was next?

The first shot has led to tremendous growth in the area. Nearly 25% is an annual level that area is rising to. 2020 is expected to count sales for 27 trillion of dollars. This information covers only retail sector – just think of it.

Ecommerce marketing platform helps you upsell, cross-sell and increase your average order value.

Internet gives growth and money, of course, so if you want to run your business online, there are some key things you should know before its entering. The guide you are reading just contains the information you need to succeed in the niche. No matter how experienced in ecommerce you are, you will definitely find something interesting and beneficial for you.

Sellers types in ecommerce

According to the goods we buy on the Internet, there are 3 variants possible:

shops offering physical goods: actually, they are traditional online shops where you make an order and receive your product after a while;

service shops: you buy certain services from an individual or a company. You can be offered to publish your announcement about the service you need or ask for a consultation before other activities will be taken;

digital product stores: buying a book on Amazon or ordering a licensed software are the best examples here.

Ecommerce business classification

There can be different types of relations between parties according to their instance:

B2B: Business-to-business, one company delivers services or sells products to another;
B2C: Business-to-client, it is a typical model online shops work;
C2C: Customer-to-Customer. the most frequent variant of realization when one person sells unnecessary items on online flea markets or auctions;

These models are the most common ones, however, other variants like C2B (Client-to business) or B2G (Business-to-government) are possible. You can learn them a bit later, but first 3 basic ones are mandatory to know. Ecommerce ads help to get more revenue

Where is the commerce happens?

We have already discussed business types and what the notion of ecommerce is about. But main question is about where the transactions are performed. To tell the truth, there is no definite answer.

Ecommerce uses special marketing platforms for business needs. Some of them are very popular like Shopify, Amazon or Magento while others have just started their work.

It is really difficult to say which platform will suit exactly your business. We recommend read the description of each to make the right choice. As a variant, if you know what is beneficial for your competitors and adopt the same solution. However, be ready to make some experiments, tests and other activities for it to function the way you need it.

What makes ecommerce so tempting option?

Actually, the list of benefits can be very big. What you need to understand is that ecommerce is a synonym to globalization. Buyers and sellers can reach each disregarding time zones, daytime, seasons and local time.

Sellers save their money as they don’t have to keep a real store, pay salaries for workers, their education, shoplifting and so on.

Buyers feel more relaxed as they can order at any moment they can find convenient and the product will be delivered in hands.

The only thing they both need is a stable Internet connection to get in touch with each other.

Online is empowering our world. As you could guess from last point, the dream of making passive money is a possible option nowadays. Offline shops with physical location lose a lot in comparison with ecommerce representatives.

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