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Why Are Links Important In Digital Marketing?

by Olufisayo
Why Are Links Important In Digital Marketing?

You’ve just created a brand new website for your business. Now, you’re working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Then, you come across link building!

Do you really need it? Does it make financial sense paying hundreds of dollars for link building services every year?

The answer is a big YES. The following are five reasons why;

Why Are Links Important In Digital Marketing?

1. Links are one of the best ways to improve search visibility

Google depends on certain pre-determined factors to rank websites. According to multiple sources, chief among these factors is hyperlinks. In fact, links are widely thought to be the second most important ranking signal after content. For these reasons, if you want to rank favorably on Google and other search engines, you should make link building one of main your priorities.

2. Links aren’t going away any soon

SEO changes all the time. Last year alone, Google made more than six hundred minor updates to its algorithm. And, before that, we’ve seen major changes made to keyword density requirements and mobile-friendliness. Links, however, are rarely touched. Linking to the big, high-traffic sites will still get you favorable ranking. Even at a time when social media is having a major impact o search, link building has remained top of the chain. It’s one of the reasons you should treat links with a lot of seriousness.

3. Link building naturally complements other digital marketing activities

The main function of digital marketing is to help consumers make the best decisions over their buying journeys. You need to give them all the information they need, and if you don’t have that information, then it’s also your duty to help them find that information elsewhere. That’s how you get new customers and encourage brand loyalty. Links can be your best friend here. If the information a customer is looking for is not available on the page they are currently viewing, you can use links to point them to the location of that information. Aside from that, links also help to tie marketing campaigns together, thus boosting efficiency.

4. Link building is an opportune way to initiate and grow relationships

This usually works best when link building is used alongside other strategies such as guest posting. Picture this: you hire a professional guest poster who creates engaging blogs and gets them posted on a high-traffic website. Readers on that high-traffic site come across the links, click on them, and are taken to your site. Before you know it, these visitors will be browsing your site, viewing your offerings, and potentially even filing your forms. What marvelous way to acquire new customers!

5. It is good for branding

Links also help with brand awareness and brand building efforts. Using guest blogging, as we’ve seen above, can put your brand name in front of large crowds to improve your visibility and reputation.

So, as you can see, if you’re serious about rising to the top of search engine results and getting as much exposure as possible while growing your site traffic, you must start building links now.

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Nidhi Agrawal April 17, 2018 - 11:14 AM

Great insights about the importance of links.

Being in a content team, I wish to highlight a fact that many high traffic sites are highly commercialised and no matter what your content is, if you pay, they post your content.
The very essence of honest content on which they built up this traffic is overlapping with the jest of making money.
I think the time is not far when Google and other search engines will again update their algorithms against this practice.

Bruce Powell August 17, 2018 - 11:07 PM

Great article, short succinct and precise. Sums it all up about the why you should do the link building for SEO.

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