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Everything Your Flyer Needs to Get Noticed

by Olufisayo
Everything Your Flyer Needs to Get Noticed

Flyers are one of the most used printed marketing materials in business.

Why? Because they work! Printing out a promotional flyer is efficient, and if you work with the right company it can be eco-friendly. They can be left out anywhere you want; through a letterbox, on car windows, on shop counters, and more. However, to make sure your flyer is effective to the maximum, you need to make sure your design is spot on. If your design is appealing, you’ll get a much better return on your investment.

Take a look at the following tips so you know what to include in your flyer:

Everything Your Flyer Needs to Get Noticed

An Eye Catching Design

Your design needs to be easy on the eye. Attractive. Eye catching. If you’re leaving your customers to pick these flyers up all on their own, this is especially important. Using bold colours, cool images, and clever plays on words can all help you to achieve this. The front of your flyer needs to be provocative enough for your prospects to want to look at them and read them. Come up with your design with this in mind!

A Catchy Headline

All great flyers have one thing in common: a headline! Just because it’s called a headline, doesn’t mean it needs to be at the top though. You could put your headline at the bottom, the middle…wherever it will attract the most attention. You should put a lot of thought into what the headline actually says too. It should be relevant and interesting to your business. The consumer should not only be intrigued, but have a good idea of what you do too.

Minimal Bullet Points

The only thing that lots of bullet points do is make your flyer look crowded and amateur. Sure, use a couple where they are warranted, but don’t go mad with them. Don’t use bullet points as one of the main elements in your design just because you don’t know what you’re doing. Use them sparingly when necessary. You could even consider swapping bullet points for relevant shapes to drive your point home. Stars and pound signs are two good examples.

Easy to Read Information

Bear in mind that an attractive design isn’t all you need to get the most from your flyer. Nobody wants to stand around and read a full page of long, boring paragraphs. You need to get straight to the point as quickly as possible. Make sure you use a font that is easy to read on paper for a start, and don’t include information that can be saved till later. White space should be used efficiently to give the eye a break from information. Don’t be fooled, this space isn’t necessarily ‘white’, it’s just space with no writing or information.

Relevant Information

Make sure you plan the information you’re going to include in advance. Know your goals so you can plan this effectively. Usually, the 3 most important pieces of information to include are when, where, and who. Give this information importance on the page by picking a good font and colour.

Incentives to Do What the Flyer Says

Why should the receiver do what your flyer tells them to do? Many won’t bother unless they have an incentive. However, if you include a coupon or a free giveaway, people will be much more likely to get involved. Providing you ensure you state your flyers must either be brought into store or a special code used, you can track your ROI effectively.

Language Aimed at Your Audience

Think about your audience, and plan the tone of your flyer this way. You need to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who is part of your target market. If your aim is to get new clients with this brochure, don’t be pushy. Try to sound exciting and interesting. If you’re aiming this flyer at current clients, use pictures and words that give the idea of friendship. Try not to go on too much. Make sure to use words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ rather than ‘we’ or ‘us’ too, as this will create the idea of familiarity with the person reading.

An Abundance of Powerful Words

Powerful words are the key for making an impact. Highlight powerful words so you can get the attention of the reader better. Some powerful words include: love, results, free, now, and guarantee. Make a list of words you think will be effective and then try to fit them in.

A Call to Action

All flyers need a call to action to stop your reader from doing nothing. Use plenty of active voice, and avoid passive voice as best you can. For example, tell your reader to ‘order now!’. You need to make it clear that you want them to contact you.

A Quality Finish

Flyers look great with a quality finish, so make sure you work with a professional company. A printing company based in Bristol explains that printing them yourself at home could very well result in lopsided, shoddy results. If you want the best ROI, you need a quality finish.

No Spelling or Grammar Mistakes

You should proofread your flyer 10 times over to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. If you send out your flyer with mistakes, it’s going to look slapdash and will not create a positive connection. Have other people proofread it for you too, as they can often spot mistakes that you can’t in your own work. There are tools online that you can use too.


Testimonials are a fabulous way to communicate the efficiency of your product or services. If you can get some great customer testimonials, make sure you include them on your flyer. They should be written clearly and effectively for the best results – don’t change what your clients say too much though. It should basically be a quote from them.

With these tips, your flyer will have the ‘X’ factor. Use them as you plan your design and see for yourself!

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