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The Future of Cryptocurrency

by Olufisayo
Future of Cryptocurrency

Nothing seems as unpredictable as the future of cryptocurrencies. With 1,600 existing coins, and another over 1,000 that have ceased to exist since Bitcoin launched in 2009, the future of cryptocurrencies may seem foggy and unclear.

Other currencies continuously join the market, many of which mark their fate to die within a short time and many others survive and even grow within a short time.

Bitcoin, the currency that is most famous even among cryptocurrency analphabets, over the years has had its ups and downs, and these ‘downs’ have pushed many to give up on ‘untouchable money’. Yet, 2019 was a pretty good year for Bitcoin, as the currency doubled in value, and another spike up in its value predicted by many analysts of the currency.

The Near Future of Bitcoin

The Right Time to Buy Crypto? We can pretty much sum it up in one single sentence – Now or Never!

What if you could turn $500 in to as much as $5 million within a period of only 10 months. Teeka Tiwari, the most trusted person in the crypto world, who hasn’t once failed with its predictions, for over six months now has been predicting that in 2020, a rare cryptomarket phenomenon will happen just as in 2016, which only happens once every four years.

The phenomenon will happen all thanks to 5coinsto5million.io, and hundreds of wealthy investors, many of them billionaires, are waiting for it while at the same time buying as much as possible, before it happens.

The Far Future

It is a common belief that everything that exists purely in the digital space is not meant to be around for long. Yet, with over 10 years in the market and strong, currencies as Bitcoin have proved the contrary.

Despite these currencies are beyond treasury departments and the realm of banks, they may even be the future of money. Yet, a more mainstream future is not excluded. Stable coins, for example, are a more trusted way of investing and may attract more investment in the future.

The Effect of New Currencies

The number of cryptocurrencies popping up every year is not low. Few can survive and even fewer succeed.

For as long as currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple remain the most trusted, it will be difficult for new currencies to expand, though nothing is impossible.

The smaller currencies still have a chance of survival when backed by financial giants as Wall Street or the City of London. Stable Coins like Tether, supported by real-world assets such as precious metals or money to ensure their price remains on an even-keel, are also quite likely to survive and even beat the most famous currencies.

Stable Coin May Be the Way

Designed to minimize the volatility of their price, Stable Coin currencies have a good chance of leading the world of crypto money in the future. They are attached exchange-traded commodities or even fiat money.

They are not immune to failure, as there are cases of failed Stable Coins in the past, i.e. NuBits. At the same time, there are others quite successful as project Basis that collected over $100 million in venture capital funding, but the US authorities shut it down in December 2018, for violating the law.

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