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How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

by Olufisayo
TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok is a phenomenal social media. It has over 1 billion active users in over 150 countries. It is the most downloaded mobile app in the world, with fans spending an average of 1 hour a day. Despite the rather biased attitude towards this platform, TikTok has become a truly effective tool for promoting brands around the world.

This social media is not yet hackneyed like Instagram. It has an active young audience, and algorithms that contribute to the fast release of content into trends, providing hundreds of thousands of views without any advertising costs.

Today we will talk in detail about the possibilities of promotion on TikTok and prove that TikTok is not just another entertainment platform but also a powerful online marketing tool.

Is it possible to promote a business on TikTok?

Undoubtedly! TikTok for business is becoming a real gem and helps to increase brand awareness and the level of trust, form the right brand image, create a good image and establish communication with the target audience.

The best promotion on TikTok is suitable for the B2C segment. These are all kinds of goods and services, mobile apps, the beauty industry products, sports, the automotive business, and even, to some extent, medicine. Already today, Nike, Pringles, AliExpress, Gucci, and others brands are successfully promoting their goods and services.

But for B2B, TikTok doesn’t fit. If you work in this segment, there is not much point in using TikTok for promotion.

How to create a content strategy on TikTok

The first and most important step in developing a content strategy is niche analysis. Who is your audience or potential customer? Your goal might be to develop a personal brand, increase your reach, or sell services.

The analysis should include answers to the following questions:

  • What are the promotion goals?
  • Which segments of the audience are interesting (their motives, values, etc.)?
  • Which direct and indirect competitors are represented?
  • Which videos in the niche are gaining the most popularity?
  • What trends can be adapted to a niche?
  • What audience questions can be answered on TikTok?
  • What format of shooting should be followed?

Marketers advise publishing 1-3 videos per day in the first week of creating a channel, then one video per day during a month. For the next few months, you can plan the transition to publishing every other day.

After maintaining an account for more than two months, you will be able to evaluate the response of the audience to your content and make changes to the content strategy.

What content to shoot on TikTok?

Content can be divided into several types. However, it’s important not to forget about the marketing goals and features of the site.

#1. Viral

  • Trends: the content that concerns the adaptation of trends to the business theme. For example, Starbucks supported the trend with the selection of clothes according to the mood and made a video “Costumes inspired by your favorite Starbucks drinks.”
  • Informative content: users respond well to useful content, even if it’s on TikTok. Therefore, tutorials, checklists, motivation, experiments, selections, TOPs, and comparisons are a good step to get more reposts and likes to save. A good example of informative content can be found in the Photoshop account.

#2. Marketing videos

  • Personal brand content: this content is about showing expertise through useful content. It also often contains an educational program on the topic. Or it can be a video trailer about the company: like the origin of the brand, the development and success of the company, and future goals.
  • Audience demands workouts: these can be videos based on frequently asked questions, pains, or client cases.
  • Promo content: well-thought content with an overview of the product through usefulness, comparisons, and more. A great example is the LG account.

TikTok Marketing Strategy

General Posting and Promotion Tips + Popular mistakes

  1. Research popular content in your niche and apply it to your blog (sometimes initial copying will help you find your style and understand the direction of development). To search for videos on your topic, use popular hashtags or keywords in the search.
  2. Create branded masks. Just as Instagram introduced masks for photos and videos, TikTok followed this trend. Creating creative branded masks is a great opportunity to launch a powerful advertising campaign by the users themselves. But for this, you will have to try hard because there are now an extremely large number of masks on TikTok.
  3. Participate and run hashtag challenges. TikTok hashtags can be used in a variety of ways. But branded hashtag challenges remain the most effective option. What is needed for this? Memorable soundtrack and an interesting challenge. A vivid example is the Guess challenge #inmydenim. In it, users first appeared in their usual clothes and then made a creative transition to a stylish branded outfit.
  4. Avoid dubious content. The TikTok app is a fairly democratic platform where each user has great freedom for self-expression. However, there is a large list of topics and formats that the administration immediately blocks by banning users: this is 18+ content; scenes of violence; any calls for suicide, harm to yourself or others; Internet bullying; spam in any form; threats, etc.
  5. Collaborate with influencers. If you want to win a large audience easily, use Tik Tok promotion for business through the efforts of popular TikTokers. They already have a large base of a loyal target audience, they know how to generate relevant content and correctly present promotional materials.
  6. Forget about complicated long videos. Consider the specifics of the TikTok audience – these are young people who prefer entertainment content. Post mostly short videos of 15 seconds. They get the maximum depth of views, which is important for reaching recommendations.
  7. Don’t delete clips. Removing content can result in a shadowban on your account and a reduction in views. It is better to hide the bad video with privacy settings. TikTok also has a negative attitude towards reuploads from other resources or banned pages. For this, you can also get a shadowban.
  8. Do a systematic analysis of statistics. Pay attention to the completion rate of views; account rating; the number of subscribers, likes, and reposts; subscriber growth dynamics for a week/month/quarter/six months/year; as well as the coefficient of performance and engagement. And then improve your strategy.

Wrap up

TikTok is an interesting platform for promotion, but it needs attention and a competent approach. You can’t just take it and go to it by shooting a few videos, but it’s important to approach it from the side of marketing analysis and creativity. Good luck in conquering popular social media!

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