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Reduce Marketing Costs for Your Small Business

by Olufisayo
Reduce Marketing Costs

With the huge shifts in the job market in 2020, it’s no surprise that many people have decided that starting their own business is a viable alternative to the insecurity of employment.

Marketing is the lifeblood of many small businesses. But after a tough year, with many feeling the knock-on effects of the pandemic, it makes sense to consider how the benefits of marketing spend can be maximized, while reining in the actual costs.

Below we suggest some ways to reduce your expenditure and improve your visibility for little or no cost.

What’s a landline?

Why pay extra for landlines? A low-cost mobile service is far more flexible and, from a customer’s point of view, is far more likely to get a swift response which can lead to a successful transaction.

Go paperless

Go paperless whenever possible, using one of the many productivity apps which provide file-sharing options and make real-time communication between team members a breeze.  Use a secure cloud-based data storage app if you have sensitive documents. You’ll reduce costs for photocopy paper and needless physical space for storage.

Reduce costs for print services

If you spend a fortune getting your collateral produced to a high standard, consider investing in a specialist printer, such as an 11 x 17 or ledger, which will take a paper of different sizes.  You’ll be able to create materials in-house, from invitations to posters and blueprints, at far less cost.

If you’re not sure where to find an 11 x 17 printer, try your local office supplies store, an online retailer, or buy direct from the manufacturer.  To reduce environmental impact, companies such as Brother, provide free shipping when you return used cartridges for disposal.

Leverage social media

An obvious way to raise your business profile is via social media. While you can set a budget to target the exact demographic you’re looking for, don’t neglect free opportunities to promote yourself and your business.

Update your own pages updated with interesting content, join relevant groups, post comments and make your presence felt. Respond to blog posts with your own engaging content.  Use Linkedin to connect with local business groups and make active contributions to highlight your profile.

Promote your values

It’s true that people like to know who they’re dealing with. The most powerful marketing tool you have is- you. Attending local business groups and supporting community organizations is a cost-effective way to build a client network.

Contact local press, radio, and TV networks to share your perspective about local issues. It’s a fantastic way to market yourself, and your business.

Connect with the community

Life is gradually returning to normal and outdoor events are going to be huge in 2021. Invest some of your marketing budgets in a branded, pop-up marquee and connect with the public, face to face, at festivals, fairs, or exhibitions.

The best thing about this approach is that your branding will be seen over and over again by a diverse audience. Choose a lightweight and durable model that will last for years to come and you’ll see the value in the business you attract.

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