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Stand Out at Trade Shows with These Amazing Techniques

by Olufisayo
Trade Shows Tips

Trade shows are some of the best events for promoting your business.

You can speak to people face-to-face, increase awareness of your brand, and collect valuable data. But trade shows are competitive by nature, and you need to make your booth stand out from everyone else’s. Of course, when everyone is trying to get their booth noticed, there’s stiff competition to beat. If you want people to gravitate toward you, there are lots of techniques you can use for a more attractive marketing space.

Take these tips to your next trade show to ensure that you get the attention you deserve.

Trade Shows Tips

Get Creative with Promo Items

Many companies take promotional items to shows, but think about the things that attendees would want to take home. Do they really want 50 pens, keyrings or bookmarks? You should leave them feeling like they’ve bagged some fun goodies, not like they’ve stumbled through a museum gift shop. Your promo items should be unique and of good quality if you want people to take an interest in them. Perhaps you can give away something connected to your service or product or just think about what people like. Instead of pens, you could be giving away branded cupcakes.

Hold a Competition or Giveaway

Hosting a competition or giveaway is an age-old method for promoting your business. You might already do it online, but it’s also an excellent promotion to use at trade shows. Everyone loves the chance to get something for free, and if you only have one or two prizes, you can afford to get something decent to attract people. You could give away one of your products or free use of your service, or you could opt for something unrelated, like a gadget. You can use your stall to run a game, which can collect people’s names and contact details as well as select the winner.

Use a Design Company

If you want to ensure that the design of your booth is unique, using a design company can help. Many people struggle with the creative aspect of setting up their stall and need a little outside help. You have a better chance of having the best trade show booth design if you get an expert to show you how it’s done. They can work with you to come up with some different concepts and produce something that works for your brand.

Product Demonstration

Some companies don’t have a product or service that they can demonstrate on-site, but for those that do, it’ a useful tactic. People will want to come and watch what you do, and it’s even better if you can get the audience involved. If you can’t demo your product in real-time, it helps to have a way you can show how it works. For example, you could have a video or slideshow that clearly demonstrates what you do.

When you’re networking at the trade show, don’t forget to stay connected on social media. It’s a good way to keep in touch with others at the event and show people who aren’t there what they’re missing.

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