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How Cold Weather Conditions Affect Delivery Times

by Olufisayo
How Cold Weather Conditions Affect Delivery Times

Come rain or shine you want your package to arrive on time, but weather can have a huge impact on your ability to deliver goods.

As the trees begin to lay bare and the wind wisps up a chilly breeze, conditions on the road can get treacherous. Whether you rely on pallet shipping to regularly drop off goods at an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, or if you ground ship to Europe, it’s important to understand the ways in which cold weather conditions can affect your delivery so you can be prepared. Brace your customers for delays, and ensure the safety of your drivers.

Here’s how cold weather conditions can effect shipping.

How Cold Weather Conditions Affect Delivery Times

Increased downpour

The first thing that happens after that famous weeklong British summer, is that the days get shorter and the downpour steadily increases. If you’re dealing with country roads, there’s a good chance many roads will be cut off due to flooding. Often, the only notice that a passageway has been blocked is by a sign right by the cordoned off section. Having to turn back, and take ways around a particular short cut can cause serious delays.

Leafy groundcover

Potholes are more likely to expand during heavy rainfall, while more leaves will fall from the trees and cover the roads, making it impossible to spot and avoid dangerously deep holes. Use strong ratchet straps or an extra band of plastic film when palletising your goods to avoid damage as best as possible.

Black ice

The ice that gets compacted under the snow is perhaps the most dangerous hazard of all. It’s worth taking only motorways to avoid risky country lanes, even if those can usually be taken as a shortcut. Even if you have to deal with irate customers, keeping your goods, and your employees out of harm’s way should always be your number one priority.

Communication is key. Be sure to send out a newsletter or an email chain to all your customers to warn them of the potential delays. Let them know you’re taking all the necessary measures to see to it that their pallet delivery is being handled with the utmost care.

If you frequently send goods to a Fulfilment warehouse, be advised to avoid shortcuts as these can cost you more hassle than it’s worth.

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